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eCase Direct is a case management system for local government. Use eCase Direct to produce high quality, low cost responses to FOI requests and complaints in short timeframes.


Handle cases with less time and resources through eCase Direct. Respond to requests for information before they're asked. By identifying key terms and linking similar cases, quickly identify areas of interest and publish information on these topics to reduce number of similar questions.
Reduce the likelihood of follow-up requests by working with others to get the right information and by using eCase Direct's quality control measures.

Quality, assured

eCase is purpose built for the UK public sector and it’s been used since 2010. This gives you confidence that eCase Direct would work for your organisation.
Speaking of quality, case responses are subject to Quality Assurance and benchmarking against previous responses. Users improve their knowledge by watching cases of interest. Managers can watch important cases making sure they're correctly handled.
You should expect higher quality case responses in shorter timeframes with eCase Direct.


Always know who's working on what case. Every user follows live progress from their personalised 'workbasket'.

Being cloud based, you can work with colleagues wherever they're located. Cases are transferred between people instantly to ensure quick replies.

Improvement through reporting

Track the performance of your team to plan workload allocation better. eCase Direct has a library of report templates which you can run whenever you need to.

Moving to the cloud

Save money by moving from your own infrastructure to the cloud. There's less service management, maintenance and security overheads. There's no upfront costs and you can start using it quickly.

We're always improving eCase Direct and looking for ways to save you money. We use the latest open source technology, bringing our prices down.

Security at every level

eCase Direct is highly secure. eCase has been accredited up to Official/Restricted level (formerly IL3). We take security very seriously and we're proud of our track record over the last 10 years.

We have a range of tools and processes to ensure data is secure. We're independently audited and subject to an IT Health Check every year. You can restrict access to features and cases to specific teams or people in your organisation, and detailed audit logs let you see who's done what.

Great value

eCase Direct is purpose built for local government and priced to be great value. eCase has the capability to scale up with extra case types and volume. For example, eCase is used to process over 30,000 cases per year for some central government departments. You can be confident that eCase is a powerful system that’s more than capable of handling your cases.

eCase Direct lets you and your team get on with the job of case management

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