Fivium Digital deliver improved online application process for the Adoption Support Fund

11 March 2020

Our driving force is a commitment to delivering outstanding software through a collaborative, transparent and user-centred process. This is fundamental to us, our team, business and customers. That this software serves a real-life purpose and delivers social value to real people is the driving force behind our business.

The recent project completed by the Fivium Digital team for the Department for Education is a perfect example of delivering software that matters. Within this department sits the Adoption Support Fund (ASF), a critical resource which provides funding to Local Authorities and Regional Adoption Agencies to support the needs of children who have left care through adoption or a special guardianship order. Since its launch in May 2015, it has processed 36,000 applications releasing £126m to support nearly 46,000 families. In order for the ASF to deliver funding to the people that need it most, the ASF team require a case management system that supports their decision making procedures and streamlines their processes so they can spend more time on their important work and less time on administrative burden.

The original system was becoming increasingly complex and time consuming to use, rendering it no longer fully fit for purpose. Reporting of data for strategic decision-making purposes had also become heavily reliant on manual processes. Teams from across the Department for Education, Mott MacDonald and Fivium Digital delivered a multiphase project to redesign the whole online application process, focusing on user engagement to create a new system with users’ needs at its heart.

Chris Wood, a Senior Developer at Fivium and part of the team responsible for this project said: “this project provided an opportunity to create a solution that would benefit a wide range of stakeholders. Knowing that you're part of a team working on a project that will improve a business process involving hundreds of users and ultimately make a significant difference to the lives of those involved with adoption is a powerful motivator and I’m proud to have been part of that team. Testament to the success of this project was the results of the ASF 2019 annual satisfaction survey. One year after implementation the respondents who were either satisfied or very satisfied with the service significantly increased from 26% to 78%.”

If you’d like to hear more about the work we delivered for the Adoption Support Fund, you can read the full case study (PDF).

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