Government's focus on value, digital-by-default and cutting bureaucracy is at the heart of Fivium Digital.

By choosing Fivium Digital, you'll get one or more experts who share the following characteristics:


Our experts in Fivium Digital love working agile and have done so for years. Placing the user at the heart of our software, we create personas and user stories as the basis of the workflow. Focusing on user needs, we divide projects into small tasks, test early and share amongst the team and customers frequently. We have daily stand ups, weekly or fortnightly sprints and have lots of experience co-locating in Whitehall and other public sector offices.
We're familiar with a wealth of software development project tools and we track our progress to ensure on-time, on-budget delivery.

Adding value

When choosing individual experts or whole teams, relevant experience is always a huge bonus. Our experience gives us the hindsight to know what will work and what won't. When choosing Fivium Digital individuals, we're able to quickly reach back to gain opinions or thoughts from other experts within the team who may not be working directly on your project.
With 10 years working exclusively on public sector IT projects (or approximately 150 years combined experience), we've built great relationships with key decision makers in government. We use this unique position as insight to the digital direction government is heading. Relaying this back into the project gives greater clarity and less reliant on guesswork.


Fivium Digital is user-focussed, open and honest. Our communication strategy, tone-of-voice guidelines and communication channels ensure updates and issues flow freely between team members, customers and users. Our team are experienced in blogging to users for giving updates and getting feedback. We also use a range of software tools to talk at varying levels of seriousness.

Team working

The experts behind Fivium Digital work well together or in multi-supplier environments. Focussing on user needs, Fivium Digital is experienced in the vast majority of role types required for delivering digital projects. We know how each role works and how communication channels between these roles are needed to satisfy the user.

Problem solving

Fivium Digital have delivered over 60 IT projects to the UK public sector. Placing the user first and applying logic, we know how to build excellent software to meet its requirements.


We use a huge range of technologies and languages. We contribute to the open source community by publishing lots of our code on sites such as Github.

If you're a public sector organisation and want to transform your workflow process, Fivium Digital are sure to fulfil your requirements.

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