3 Key Steps to Manage your Request Volumes

Since the Pandemic began, strain on existing, often-stretched resources has increased. For some organisations, information requests have skyrocketed. Couple this with resources being reallocated and teams unable to run at full capacity, it is easy to understand why compliance rates have dropped.

eCase aims to help you process information requests with greater efficiency and timeliness. To get you started, here are our top 3 proven tips to help you optimise your performance.

1 - Boost your standard response templates

Put as much information as you can in your response templates and make sure all the information you are using in every response at the moment is included in your template. For example, it’s probably quicker to add in some information about Coronavirus once to a master template, than for each person to add it in every time.

2 - Division of labour

This ancient concept still rings true today and is a great way to bring short term efficiency. Allocate a particular person or team to a particular part of the process e.g. case logging. This way they are focussed on a single task and aren’t struggling with conflicting priorities as well as workload.

You can also allocate single topics to people, so all of the responses on a particular theme will come from the same (few) source(s) - this way each has a specialist area, answers will be more consistent, and they’ll be able to find, use and reuse material more easily.

3 - Batch up your responses

Depending on the latest current affairs, there are often many information requests that are similar or the same as many other requests. The more you can answer in one go, the better. By automating this process and responding in batches, you can save time on producing the answer and responses again. Furthermore, you can prevent requests from being raised in the first place by publishing and signposting to previously answered questions.

How is your organisation coping?

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