Fivium in 2023

2023 has been another great year for Fivium. In this blog, we delve into Fivium's notable milestones and initiatives throughout the year.

IIP Shortlist

Commencing with the distinguished recognition of being shortlisted for the Gold Employer of the Year at the Investors in People Awards. The Investors In People Awards assess organisations across various criteria, including leadership, learning and development, and employee engagement. This recognition highlights our commitment to fostering a positive workplace culture, nurturing talent, and promoting employee well-being.

Gender Pay Equality

Beyond the accolades, Fivium is proud to be dismantling gender pay disparities prevalent in the UK tech sector. Our salary reviews are completely free from bias and are based on merit alone. This has meant that we are paying our median female employees 12.95% more than median male employees. This concerted effort underscores our commitment to fostering an environment of inclusivity and equality.

Health and Wellbeing

Within the realm of employee well-being, we have prioritised mental health initiatives, extending our focus to encompass the often overlooked aspect of men's mental health. This dedicated blog post sheds light on the strategies employed to cultivate a supportive and healthy workplace.

Nurturing talent

Our engagement with academic institutions has been instrumental in shaping the future of technology. Our involvement in student life, exemplified by our visit to Westfield Academy, has cemented our dedication to nurturing aspiring developers at an early stage.

Our student placement scheme has also emerged as a pivotal force, fostering growth and empowering emerging talent. This initiative not only benefits the students involved but also injects fresh perspectives into the organisation.

Exceptional leadership

In line with our growth and commitment to cultivating a culture of excellence, this year we created a management academy. With a keen understanding of the significance of superior leadership, evident in our impressive staff retention rate of 98%, the management academy aims to empower every team member to contribute their best work, ensuring a fulfilling career path with abundant opportunities for professional and personal growth.

2023 is marked by a series of accolades, social initiatives, and the cultivation of a culture that prioritises both professional and personal growth. We look forward to achieving even more in 2024!

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