Inspiring Work Experience

I spent the last 4 days at Fivium as part of my work experience, where I was able to experience some of what working in different sections of the company has to offer. Going into the week with no experience in a professional office environment I was unsure about what I should expect from a week purely in an office, spending time with a selection of professionals with a lot more experience than me. Going into the office I was met by an environment that was welcoming and inviting. Alex and all the members of the team that I talked to answered every question I had with enthusiasm and I felt like they enjoyed getting to teach me about what they knew and valued the conversations we had.

Throughout the week I spoke to and shadowed team members through a wide range of tasks and disciplines, getting to experience a small slice of every role and task at Fivium. I learnt about its history and some of the values and projects the company currently works on, including eCase and some of the FiviumDigital projects in the past and present. Current students enrolled in the student placement program spoke to me about their experience with the work and culture in Fivium which highlighted to me the importance held within the company surrounding work/life balance and community.

I shadowed members of the team in testing, eCase development , and Digital development which allowed me to see how work on projects in each of these sections differs and learn some of the programs and techniques used by developers which helped me in my own programming knowledge. I also got a chance to speak to members working in marketing, design, security, and the service desk which highlighted the importance of all aspects of the company to me and allowed me to understand the practical applications of certain ideas and a broader understanding of how Fivium works. I learnt about the AGILE system, sprints, and got to write my own retrospective of the week which has allowed me to think more about what I've learnt in the 4 days.

When in my sessions, I spoke to a number of people about their own experience with their career, and got some advice and tips on navigating the world of work as someone going into post-18 education. Everyone I spoke to about university and post-18 options wanted to offer me their own advice which I valued. It reminded me that if you really love something, you can always find a way to achieve your goals; no route is a dead end.

My experience at Fivium has been truly wonderful and I can only offer thanks to everyone in the office for making my week so enjoyable and informative. From everyone who I spent a session with this week, to those I had casual conversations with and those that made me feel welcomed in the office through a hello, everyone I interacted with this week has made me feel excited and passionate for the future. I feel the way Fivium invests in the future through placements such as mine is really important and look forward to helping in a small way to connect people with such an exciting opportunity.

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