Data Protection Day is Every Day

It’s good that, every year since 2006, on 28th January we celebrate Data Protection day. What’s most important about it is that every year, it spotlights the ever-growing importance of protecting personal data. It gives data protection professionals, and those working in related professions, the chance to raise awareness about the rights to personal data protection and privacy inside their organisations and to the general public. But, in reality, Data Protection day should be every day.

We already live in a data-driven world. Our homes are filled with technology that uses our data in myriad different ways, from turning the heating or lights on and off to doing the shopping list! For some, even hoovering is data driven! Much as there has been increased interest in Data Protection in recent years, there is still much work needed to educate people as to what Data Protection actually means.

For example, those outside the DP community probably don’t realise that there is an unsung hero in every organisation across the UK whose job it is to protect them (in data form) - the DPO.

We know that the job of a DPO isn’t an easy one. They often have tricky judgement calls and delicate decisions around personal data. Whilst we can’t help with that, what we can do is provide them with the tools and resources that help them save time processing and managing Data Protection Requests every day of the year.

As part of this, we have some unique resources to help you, not just for Data Protection Day, but every day:

  • New 25 minute seminar, available as a webinar - DPOs from Ministry of Defence, UKRI and North Lincolnshire Council discuss their Data Protection transformation journeys and how they improved their processes and performance. Watch
  • The DPR Clinic - Our multi award-winning expert practitioners, with experience spanning the whole public sector will be back on 11th February for the DPR Clinic, where they’ll answer your questions and discuss topics including data sharing and police disclosures. Register
  • 20 minutes of efficiency tips - our in-house change management and best practice expert Lucie Fabbro shares the hacks that can help you improve IR processing now, even if you don’t have eCase. Watch

So for all those people for whom Data Protection Day is Every Day. This data protection day, we’re celebrating you! Your work keeps us, and our data, safe.

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